Plaster Carousel

Plaster Carousel is a local plaster painting studio in South Florida that has been around for over thirty years. The new owners came to us wanting to bring their identity and website into this generation.

This is a fun place geared for the youthful of all ages. And since they wanted to expand upon their staples of walk-in traffic and birthday parties to include more corporate group activities, the identity and website needed to find a special balance between fun and professional.

The website needed to be bright and filled with smiling faces. 

When developing the logo, we knew we had to change their second line. The original line, “Family Fun Center and Art Studio” was a mouthful, not to mention that it didn’t accurately represent their current offerings. We explored a lot of options, finally reaching the most simple and direct line, “Fun Painting Studio.” When you hear that, you know right away what Plaster Carousel is all about.

We also created a new tagline. And we will admit, this one was a happy accident. When exploring different logo concepts, we often test them out in different applications to see how they might work in real life.

We placed the logo on a tshirt and wanted something on the back that could be seen from across the room on the back on a staff member. The image below is from the actual presentation to the client. After they saw this, we made a few updates, but it guided the direction of the rest of the project. It was all about the fun of getting down to paint!

With such a strong concept to build from, the rest of the project was about applying to as many different medium as we could. We developed shirts, mugs, advertising, and even a car wrap design.

If you’re in Coral Springs, FL and looking for a fun afternoon, go by Plaster Carousel and ask for Scott! 

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