We tell clients' stories through creative design.

When we start exploring a client’s story, we look to answer three questions. They might seem simple.

Sometimes these questions are deceptively difficult to answer well, to answer in ways that will differentiate you from the masses. Answers that are true to your story.

That’s what we do. We work with you to find the story of your company, one that is real and not contrived of marketing mumbo-jumbo. 

Are you ready for the next level with Twelve Letter Design

Your website and visual identity should reflect who you are, not who you used to be.

Does your website, logo, and marketing tell your story in a consistent way? Do your customers know you? 

It’s a delicate art to redesign something. It should be about more than a fresh coat of paint. Consider these growth factors and highlights when deciding if it’s time for a website redesign or an identity update.

Growth Factors

Is it time to redesign?

Twelve Letter Design works with companies to develop their brand through strategic design.