RAPID Sports Performance

RAPID Sports Performance came to us wanting to improve their website. They provide pro-level speed, strength, and injury prevention programs for the committed athlete of all levels, from children to professional baseball players. But you wouldn't have known it from their website.

When we worked with them to learn their story, what was unique about them, we started a journey of discovery that led to bringing the organization and presentation of their business to a new level.

We spent the time to learn about their business, what they were really offering to their customers, and how that needed to be presented.

It became apparent quickly that their existing logo needed updating. Most notably, it was hard to read and had no variants for different scenarios. With a thriving business of multiple training locations and a dedicated customer base, they didn’t want to create something that felt foreign to their established brand. They wanted to keep the original soul, but acknowledged the design limitations of the existing identity.

The initial plan for this project included the following primary areas:

  • Identity development including a logo update, color system development, and tagline development
  • Content development to organize and write new copy to explain the business objectives and services
  • The application of the new identity system to the collateral needed to promote the business, from tshirts to signage.

An identity system is more than a “singular” logo. It should include multiple “lockups” and a comprehensive color system. The version of your logo needed for your signage and your business card is likely different than the very horizontal need of a website navigation banner.

We focused on clarifying the typography and enhancing their second line, “sports performance.”

With a new plan for how to communicate their service offerings, we developed a new website and applied the identity to various collateral needs.

When needed, we created simple information graphics to support the website content.

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